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            • About Us
            •       BLT Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the design, casting, production and sales of industrial valves with good reputation for many years. BLT has the advanced CNC machines to control all the key product parts dimension then ensure all products quality stabilization and same. Our products have been widely used in lines of domestic large power station, dirty water processing, petroleum-chemical plant, oil extraction, paper plant, Coal gas, refining, exported to many countries and regions, gains the users' unanimous praise and confidence. BLT products includes: Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe, check, Plug, diaphragm valve & Bellow seal valves in all sizes and class rate and materials.

                  All Products are manufactured to full comply with GB, ANSI, API, ASTM, BS, JIS, DIN standards. BLT facilities included our valve plant, foundry plant and our valve testing device plant. All BLT products will do 100% pressure testing in order to ensure Zero defects before delivery.

                 Wherever you operate you can be assured which BLT will fully support your business and is committed to meeting your needs for top quality products both today & in the future.

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            TEL: 086-0512-68020706
            FAX: 086-0512-68020706
            Cell: 0086 13915432904
            E-meal: ty@bltindustry.com
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